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Some Pay As You Go cars allow you to take control of your budget with weekly payments; however most lenders and drivers prefer monthly payments. You can apply below for black box finance and our helpful team will provide you with a quick decision. Our acceptance rates are high and all circumstances are considered. Find out what deal you are eligible for while avoiding check when you enter your details into the PAYG finance Quick Checker. We will be paid a commission by the credit provider for introducing them to you.

You can read more about guaranteed car finance in this guide we published. We approve the majority of car loans sent to us, as long as we can see you are able to afford the repayments we can generally find an appropriate car finance option to suit you. You’ll still need a good credit score to get the best rate, and missing payments will also affect your credit rating. Interest rates will vary depending on your credit score too, so you might find peer-to-peer loans offer better interest rates than banks, but this isn’t always the case. This includes setting a mileage limit for the year.

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Are you having trouble getting car finance because of your bad credit history? Mainstream lenders can be reluctant to offer support to those who struggled to keep up with repayments in the past. Go Car Credit wants to give people like you the green light. Black box car finance is one option that could help you get a brand new set of wheels. Compare car loansIf you have a poor credit history, you may find that lenders offer you higher interest rates, fewer lending options, or may refuse to lend. Our car finance calculator is designed to give you an idea about all the options you have. It instantly shows how to increase or reduce your monthly repayments to suit your circumstances, by adjusting the term of the loan.

We will also discuss the intricacies and responsibilities of guarantor loans. We will look at how they work and who can be your guarantor. Also, we will discuss how missed payments could affect both you and your guarantee. With this type of car finance, your monthly repayments tend to be much lower than with other deals such as HP car finance, however you will not own the car at the end of the contract. Instead, you can choose to either return the car or upgrade. This is a great type of car financing for those who want to make sure they have a new set of wheels every so often.

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Leasing a car This is a form credit because the driver is given a vehicle worth thousands of pounds and is only required to pay a fraction of its value each month. We get a commission every time a customer signs a lease agreement with one of our leasing providers. Although the prices shown are not guaranteed, they are indicative of what is available for most customers who apply. Whether you’re approved, and on what terms, is subject to your status. Buy a car with 0% financing Learn how 0% finance works and where to find them.

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