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It is important to ensure that your business runs efficiently and that everyone has the right tools and processes in place to do their job. This module covers the basics of process mapping and how you can implement a plan for continuous improvement. Understanding how to market your business is key to growth. This module will give you the marketing fundamentals and templates to build out a marketing plan and how to leverage different marketing channels.

What are coaching questions?

Matt Close, a specialist in the construction industry based in Melbourne (VIC), will work one-on-one. Next Level Business Consulting provides a vast selection of tools and training to compliment our coaching services. Let us help you to realise your potential with a tradie business coach that will boost your business growth. PROTRADE United understands the specific roadblocks that occur when building a successful trades and construction business. You’ve spent countless hours training and perfecting your skills, so you know what it takes to become an expert at something.

I celebrate the wins I have and the wins others have – both team members and clients. I always acknowledge and observe when others do things right. I am abundant, deserve it, and can give and receive abundance. It is a part of my daily life. I respect my own worth and the worth of others. To the degree I create abundance for others I am rewarded with abundance.

How can you become a certified coach for business?

Democratic coaching. This gives the team freedom and accountability while the coach is there to help when necessary.

Since 2004 Kurt has personally coached and mentored hundreds of small to medium sized builders and building contractors. Kurt is proud to deliver less information and more results using real-life, hands-on, no fluff business strategies. Kurt is also the co-author of “Would you like profits with that”, the first business book published in Australia exclusively for the trades industry. This program is specifically designed to help commercial, residential and fit-out businesses take their business to new heights. Covering all areas necessary to scale a construction business and specifically tailored to the unique challenges faced by businesses and owners in the construction industry. Good business coaching is essential for all business owners, and Jon is a vibrant, professional and extremely effective coach.

In practice, however, this takes a lot more time and energy than you are able to devote right now. That’s where your coach in construction business comes in. They will help you set up your processes, make them run smoothly, and then distill them into a format that is easy to understand, follow, and replicate over and over. A good coach for construction business is someone who has been there and led successful teams before, and can navigate a wide range issues. PROTRADE United only works with trades and construction business owners. All information, tools, templates, and advice are specific to the industry.

Your construction company operates differently from most corporate entities because it employs a multi-disciplined workforce that is spread across multiple work sites. My coach has been a great sounding board for me and has helped me recruit a strong team to represent my business and the Voller Builders brand. I own and operate a boutique building business, primarily focused on new architectural homes on the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne. I will show you how to grow your business using the framework I have created. You’ll be able to implement it once you have it. Learn the structure and systems of the industry in a 2-day workshop with me.

  • Developing marketing plans that are simple and effective; Clients walk in the door, wanting to do business with you.
  • It is crucial to understand how to market your business to grow.
  • We focus on implementing process and systems specifically designed for trades and construction businesses.
  • I strive to improve my work every day.
  • I strive to be the best in all that I do.

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